About us

We founded Maria Flor in 2020, aiming to bring a different design in the way of using the visors bringing more charm and sophistication. Our suppliers have international certification and the fabrics used are produced using high technology, the analyzes are made on the standards of the harp that prove the sun protection +50 being today the maximum protection for existing fabrics. We entered the market and received a lot of praise from our customers, this fact kept us going to bring variety and a range of products to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, generating even more comfort and sophistication.



Our sun visors are light, washable, suitable for water sports, to protect us in the sea and pool, with quick drying and with quality for a long time of use, similar to a bikini.

Unique size and adjustable to anyone, providing safety and comfort, also conducive to walks and outdoor walks ensuring freshness and elegance.


Get your piece, we are sure that as soon as you buy the first one, you will be interested in more colors to match your style and chosen looks.